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Our phone consultation and/or initial home consultation are a great way to figure out where to start. Not ALL dogs need heavy training, just a few tweaks in their daily routines, but some may need more professional help than others. Not sure where your dog may fit in? Let us help, we are happy to discuss what’s going on over the phone, offer our advice, tips, and some local free resources that may help your situation. If you feel you want more help, then scheduling an initial in-person consult with us is the way to go.

Get advice, learn foundations to build behaviors, troubleshoot existing problems, and create a program that will fit your lifestyle and budget with our trainer – over the phone, in person, and at your convenience.




We come by and do a home check on your dog – refill water bowl, change pads, bring in delivery packages – in addition to some mid-day mental and physical exercise. This unique service can be catered to your needs and goals for daily or weekly care. We use a combination of dog training, physical exercise, and undivided attention… delivering the perfect mid-day break for your best friend.

This service is perfect for dogs who are unable to participate in doggy daycare, dog parks, or regular dog walks.  Owners seeking a more professional service centered around their dog will greatly benefit from this service!

$25/30 MIN

 $35/45 MIN*

*both services include 15 min home check. total service times 45 min / 60 min.


Personalized, one-on-one training for you and your dog with a professional trainer. Choose between two affordable options for higher rates of success, quick results, and convenience.


60 min one-on-one consulting for training or behavior, get the support, learn the skills you need, and get back into the driver’s side of the training process. Personalized training for you and your dog with the professional support from a trainer.

$50 / HOUR


Dog training requires practice, a lot of specialized education, consistency,  time and patience- a lot of it!  These are all things most busy Angelenos don’t have to spare. Not a problem. Our modern and effective approach to training puts the trainer back into the driver’s seat so you can have the rewards of a trained dog – without the frustration of learning how to train dogs yourself.

Day Training includes –

Initial Home Consultation 2 Professional Training Days for your dog  1 Home Follow Consultation 30 Days Phone|FT|Email support  Discounts and access  to additional follow up services